Sock’s Kick


About Sock’s Kick


We are a family owned retail and wholesaler company based in Michigan. We sell and distribute socks. I, Baris, manage the company with my wife Cigdem.

I first came to Michigan as a Rotary exchange student in 2005. After spending a year, I realized that Michigan is full of warm-hearted people who live in very cold weather conditions.  It’s where I learned to use my hand as a map, started measuring distance in hours, not miles and figured that UP is a place not a direction. We ran on ice, swam in lakes, fished, camped, snowmobiled, baked with “soda” and drank “pop”. I loved it so much and over the years I kept close contact with my host family and friends. About 2 years ago I came back to visit and had the idea of bringing warm socks to cope with the freezing weather in Northern Michigan.

We started Socks Kick in 2017. My wife and I first formed the start-up and a few months later we established a 7,000-sq/ft. warehouse and a showroom in East Jordan, Michigan.