Mission Statement

The Boyne City Farmers Market is committed to creating an inclusive environment where the entire community can gather, shop and eat locally all while enjoying the diversity of Northern Michigan. We aim to support our local farmers, artisans, and food producers by providing them an avenue to cultivate their small business while promoting a healthy and community based lifestyle.

Market Location and Schedule

The Boyne City Farmers Market is held Wednesdays and Saturdays during the summer at Veterans Park in downtown Boyne City. Please make note of the two dates the market will be relocated to Peninsula Park.

Outdoor Market
  • May 18th through October 12th, 2024
  • 8 AM to 12 PM
  • 8AM- 1PM: May 25th, June 22nd, July 6th, & August 31st
  • Wednesday & Saturday (Saturday only effective after September 28th)
Indoor Market
  • October 19th 2024 through May 10th, 2025
  • 9 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Saturday Only

Peninsula Park dates: July 13th and August 10th, 2024. Instructions will be provided prior to market dates.

The Indoor Market is a separate market with a separate application. Look for the Indoor Market Application in September.

The market manager has discretion to adjust the dates of the indoor market. Summer vendors may join us outside but must pay the daily drop-in fee.

Eligible Items for Sale at the Market

The farmers market will cater to high quality homemade and homegrown products. The following list of items eligible to be sold may be expanded at the discretion of the market manager:

  • fruits, vegetables, field crops, herbs, nuts, berries, sprouts, and grains
  • plants, flowers (fresh or dried)
  • trees & shrubs
  • honey, maple syrup
  • baked and canned goods
  • eggs & meat products, dairy
  • mushrooms (foraged or cultivated)
  • hand crafted artwork (approval required: see guidelines below)

Market Vendor Requirements

  1. All items sold by a vendor must have been raised, prepared, gathered, or produced within a (30) thirty-mile radius of Boyne City and within Charlevoix, Antrim, Emmet, Cheboygan, or Otsego counties. The vendor may not bring in products he/she has purchased from someone else for resale at the Boyne City Farmers Market.
    • The Boyne City Farmers Market Committee may allow producers outside of the (30) thirty-mile radius or other northern Michigan counties to participate in the market if the committee feels the producer’s products will fill a void and/or niche and if the producer’s products are supportive of the goals of the Boyne City Farmers Market.
  2. All items for sale must be visibly labeled with prices in accordance with state regulations. Vendors selling eggs, meat, or other perishable products must keep the products at an appropriate temperature in accordance with state regulations.
  3. The Boyne City Farmers Market Committee may allow, in its sole discretion, seasonal market vendors to sell approved synergistic products. Daily vendors are not allowed to sell these products. Synergistic is defined as a product which is not grown or produced by the vendor. The market manager determines the eligibility of products.
  4. Farmers shall sell only agricultural, horticultural or food items they themselves have grown in our 5-county area. Important: No reselling of any fruits or vegetables will be tolerated. If a vendor has been found to be selling items that they have not grown within the 5-county area, they will be asked to remove the items from their booth. If the vendor continues to sell products that they did not grow, they will be asked to leave the market and will forfeit booth fees.
  5. Bakers, cooks and non-produce vendors shall sell only products they make. Local ingredients should be utilized wherever possible.
  6. To maintain a healthy farmers market, price-cutting of top-quality products is discouraged. Poor quality or over ripe produce must be labeled as such and may be sold at a discounted price.
  7. Vendors wishing to operate under the Cottage Food Industry Law must abide by all rules governing that law, as well as sign a document indicating they understand these rules. Goods must be properly packaged and labeled with all information specified by the Michigan Cottage Food Law. Their products will be inspected by the market manager, who has authority to ask a vendor to remove a product not in compliance.
  8. All vendors are required to comply fully with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Health Department Food Handling & Sanitation Rules and Regulations along with all federal, state, and local law and will hold the market harmless regarding the same.
  9. It is strongly suggested that anyone eligible participate in Bridge Card, Senior Project Fresh, Double-Up Food Bucks and WIC. When doing so, all vendors must complete all paperwork and follow the rules governing these programs that will be explained at the mandatory meeting.
  10. All vendors must turn in a completed vendor application before attending the market. Copies of all appropriate licenses/permits must be attached to the application. And a comprehensive product list must be on file with the market manager.
  11. The Boyne City Farmer’s Market Committee, at its discretion, reserves the right to refuse any vendor or product and to make all decisions regarding the implementation and management of the Boyne City Farmers Market.

Application Process

When accepting vendors to the market, we will consider the following criteria:

  • Number of years participating in the BCFM
  • The distance vendor produces products from the market
  • The vendor’s record of attendance in previous years at the Boyne City Farmers Market, including tardiness and leaving early without permission
  • Vendors who sell at the market twice a week throughout the season are preferred over vendors who only come to the market on Saturdays or Wednesday in prime harvest season
  • Vendors who commit and pay for the full season as opposed to daily vendors
  • The amount of local ingredients used in baked goods, jellies, relishes, etc. (for example: a pie with local fruit is preferred over one with canned fruit)
  • The number of vendors already selling the same fruit, vegetables, baked goods, etc. as the applicant

Fee Schedule for the 2024 Summer Season

Saturday & Wednesday Season Rate
  • 10 Foot Space: $410
  • 15 Foot Space: $615
  • 20 Foot Space: $820
Wednesday Only Season Rate
  • 10 Foot Space: $290
  • 15 Foot Space: $435
  • 20 Foot Space: $580
Daily Fee
  • $ 40 (no guarantee for same space each time)

Upon processing the vendor’s application, the market manager will assign all vendors their space. In order for a returning vendor to keep their space from the previous year or request a different space, those vendors will need to return their applications by 4:30 P.M., Friday, March 22nd, 2024.

Boyne City Main Street
113 S. Lake St.
Boyne City, Ml. 49712 or by
Email farmersmarket@boyecity.com

After March 22nd, the market manager will begin to assign the spaces. Turning in your application does not guarantee your request will be granted or that you will have the same space as the previous year. The market manager will make all efforts to accommodate specific space requests within the limits of the market configuration and space available. Past market attendance, market history and product profile will all be considered when assigning market space. All requests will be considered.

Mandatory Vendor Meeting

April 17th, 2024 from 11AM to 1 PM at Veterans Park Pavilion, Boyne City.

Please be present at the meeting to discuss the upcoming market season, seasonal space assignments, vendor expectations, market manager responsibilities & goals. Lunch will be provided.
If you have not paid by April 17th please bring a check for full seasonal payment made out to Boyne City Farmers Market. If you need to make payment arrangements please contact the market manager prior to the meeting.

Market Manager: farmersmarket@boynecity.com / 231-582-9009

Vendor Policies-

  • Each vendor must provide his/her own equipment, supplies and materials, such as their own tables, chairs and boards from which to sell their products. All vendors must supply sacks or other containers for product sales. Vendors must have their own tent to participate in the market.
  • Parking behind booths is limited to ONE vehicle or one vehicle with trailer. All vehicles and trailers must fit within allotted space. NO parking over the sidewalk is permitted.
  • Each vendor will be responsible for his/her own area and for the clean-up at closing, including garbage & flower/produce clippings. All refuse must be taken with the vendor or disposed of. DO NOT use the park waste receptacles or the market trash can, vendors are responsible for their own waste.
  • Vendors should provide a clean personal appearance to reflect positively on the market.
  • No smoking will be allowed by vendors in the park, or within 30 feet of the park, during market hours.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn by vendors during market hours.
  • Vendors are not permitted to bring dogs or other pets to the market, per city ordinances. Certified ADA service dogs are allowed.
  • Children under the age of 16 cannot sell products without adult supervision.
  • Products and signage are to be displayed within the boundaries of the vendor’s space. No stakes are allowed.
  • The only signage in the fairway will be placed by the market manager.
  • A seasonal vendor cannot designate who gets their space if they are not present, nor can the sublet their space.
  • In order to claim their weekly reserved spot, a seasonal vendor must be present by 7:30 AM. Unless previously arranged with the market manager. After 7:30 AM, the space maybe used by another vendor.
  • If a vendor is going to absent they must call or text the market manager no later than 7 AM the day of the absence to avoid an unexcused absence and allow time to fill your space.
  • The market closes at 12 PM. Do not pack up your booth prior to this time unless you have authorized an early departure with the market manager.
  • Vendors will be invoiced for the assigned space upon approval of their application.

Service Organizations

A few spaces will be reserved for Boyne City non-profit service organizations. Permission to participate will be granted by the market manager. The service organizations must contact the market manager prior to being allowed at the market.

Enforcement of Rules

The market manager has full authority to enforce all rules. All problems and conflicts should be directed to the market manager. The market manager has the right to deny a vendor the privilege of selling at the market (reasons may include lack of license, misrepresentation of products, non-payment of fees, poor quality of products, leaving area littered, excessive tardiness/absences or disorderly conduct). The vendor can appeal the decision by following the market grievance procedure. A copy of this form is available from the market manager.

Rules are subject to change by the market manager and Farmers Market Committee, and approval by the Main Street Board.

Apply to be a Vendor at the Boyne City Farmers Market

2024 Summer Vendor Application

2024 Summer Vendor Application

Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Physical address of farm/production facility
Physical address of farm/production facility
Check here if you are:
(application requires annual approval by the Farmers Market Committee.)
Join the 2024 Farmers Market Vendor Email List
Vendor Type (select all the apply)
Months I plan to attend
I plan to attend

Social Media

Questions for All Vendors

Please check all the products you will be selling at the market.

Market Space Request

*Refer to Market Rules. Requires approval by market manager and/or Farmers Market Committee.

Note: Past market attendance, market history and product profile will all be considered when assigning market space. All requests will be considered. All may not be able to be fulfilled. Vehicles and trailers must fit in your allotted space.

Size of Space
As a returning seasonal vendor I request

Questions for Farm Vendors

Please indicate the type of produce you will sell at the market.

Questions for Food Vendors

Hand Crafted Artwork Guidelines

Specific criteria for all crafts sold during the Boyne City’s Farmers’ Market are as follows: Artisans/Grafters are defined as someone who possesses manual skills, tools & equipment to produce an item by personally handling materials. Artisans are chosen based on their unique designs and quality of materials. Crafts will be limited for an equal distribution of talent and to ensure a wide variety of items. Hand crafted items should be one of a kind (with exceptions for soaps and the like), made of quality ingredients/materials and show excellent crafting skills.

1. All items MUST be produced by the vendor or a member of the vendor’s farm or family.
2. Crafts MUST be the product of a home or cottage-type operation using an intermediate type technology instead of being a mass produced item. Some exceptions do apply and will be reviewed by the farmers market committee. To be considered hand-crafted, the item MUST show evidence of manual skills obtained through experience and dedication.

Examples of unacceptable items include, but not limited to:

  • Pre-printed materials (paper, fabric panels),
  • Paint by number or tracings
  • Pre-made kits
  • Purchased pottery and ceramics molds/ patterns
  • Embroidery or knitting machine made crafts
  • Plans or pre-fabricated forms,
  • Wood carvings using duplicating machinery
  • Plastic beads and plastic canvas
  • Plastic or synthetic flowers
  • Any dolls or doll components (hands, heads, feet) not created by crafter Manufactured or imported baskets
  • Hot glue as a primary method of attaching parts

3. Crafter MUST disclose any ready-made objects that have been enhanced. Examples: Tie-dye shirts, towels, mass produced glass vases, glasses and the like that have been embellished, decorated or painted, store bought beads and other jewelry parts that are not hand produced. These items will be reviewed based on uniqueness and skills.

4. All crafts shall be of excellent workmanship and design

5. No mechanical, optical, digital, Al artwork or electronic reproductions allowed.

6. Photography will be reviewed on the following criteria: Must be vendors’ original photos, limited reproduction must be clearly visible on reproduced items, greeting cards, postcards and prints must be noted on application

7. All crafts MUST be inspected before application approval. Any crafts that are added by an existing vendor MUST be disclosed and approved – no exceptions. The committee requires pictures of any crafts being sold at the market.

Artists Agreement

I confirm the products I plan to sell at the market meet all of the above craft/artwork guidelines. I will alert the Market Manager if I intend to sell anything other than what is listed on the application.

I have read the Boyne City Farmers’ Market Artwork Guidelines above and agree to comply with it.

Code of Conduct

The primary purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure the wellbeing of all participants. It is the market’s intent to serve the public and create a friendly atmosphere that will benefit both the Vendors and customers. Vendors are expected to behave courteously to customers, other Vendors, and market staff.

As a Boyne City Farmers’ Market vendor and/or their representative, I will:

  • Respect and adhere to all rules established by the Boyne City Farmers’ Market.
  • Not willingly deceive or exploit customers or the Market Manager concerning Market business.
  • Market vendors shall require compliance and educate all employees on the Code of Conduct.
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of personal behavior and integrity at all times.
  • Treat everyone with respect. Rude, violent, aggressive, uncooperative or belligerent behavior toward others will not be tolerated.
  • Please be accountable to each other.
  • Under no circumstance, attend or participate in the Boyne City Farmers’ Market while under the influence of alcohol and/or controlled substance.

It is important that all Boyne City Farmers Market vendors and/or their representatives comply with the Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with any component of the code or participation in other inappropriate conduct as determined by the Market Manager or market executive committee may lead to dismissal as a vendor at the Boyne City Farmers Market.

I have read the Boyne City Farmers’ Market Vendor Code of Conduct above and agree to comply with it.

Vendor Contract

I attest that the above information given is true and in no way a misrepresentation of my market products. I agree to sell or offer for sale at the Boyne City Farmers Market only such items as listed in the application and that are of my production on the above described property. Further, I acknowledge full responsibility for all activities and conduct. I attest that I have read and agree to follow the Boyne City Farmers Market Rules, Guidelines for Crafts, and Code of Conduct.
I have read the Boyne City Farmers’ Market Vendor Contract above and agree to comply with it.

2024 Waiver & Release

As indemnitor, I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Boyne City Farmers Market, Boyne City Main Street, City of Boyne City, Farmers Market Executive Committee, and Market Manager from and against any and all claims, losses, liability, costs or expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) arising out of bodily injury of any person or persons, including death, or property damage, relating to the use of Boyne City’s property for the purpose of selling items at the Boyne City Farmers Market during its seasonal operational schedule. Additionally, indemnitor, including indemnitor’s agents or employees, admits receipt of a copy of the Boyne City Farmers Market Rules 2024, and agrees to abide by the terms thereof. By signing this document thus binds the indemnitor to these Guidelines.

I have read the Boyne City Farmers’ Market 2024 Waiver & Release above and agree to comply with it.

2024 Boyne City Farmers Market Photography Release

Boyne City Farmers Market will, from time to time, have the Market Manager, an on-site photographer, as well as local and regional professional media outlets at the Market to help promote our Vendors. Photos may be taken with or without knowledge of the subject depending on the situation. We will make attempts to get permission from subjects and use discretion. This written authorization gives the Market permission to utilize any photos taken at the Market for publicity and advertising purposes. Photographs and/or videos may be shared on the City’s website and on social media. By signing below, you acknowledge photos taken at or around your booth are acceptable and will be allowed.

I have read the Boyne City Farmers’ Market 2024 Boyne City Farmers Market Photography Release above and agree to comply with it.

Vendor Documements

Maximum file size: 3MB

Vendor Signature

I agree to have completed all of the applicable items for my vendor application.

  • Completed Application
  • Signed Waiver & Release
  • Signed Code of Conduct
  • Signed Market Photography Release
  • Required licenses, permits and/ or certificates
  • Craft review description form & photos (for NEW hand crafted artwork only)